​​​​​Juliana Rose

Did you KNOW?            Weekly News Letter 

Often People do more harm than good by NOT knowing how and on what level Supplements work and how they interact with each other and with what you eat or drink. This is especially true of Herbs which can severely affect Medications and Supplements in the body. 

A case in point.

I had a client who thought it was so great that her NEW, very expensive water purifier system also added minerals for a high alkaline state of her water. It was Above 9.5 This is too high on a prolonged use basis. And her body became too Alkaline which created kidney stones. 

​It is just as bad to be too Alkaline as it is to be too Acidic. 

My Motto is " If in doubt - find out"  :)  Hire someone who is in the know,​that you trust. 

Love who you are :)  Juliana Rose